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Dan Levick – Founder and CEO

BSc Hons Osteopathy / Diploma in Fitness Testing & Training / Dip. Sports Therapy / Dip. Sports Massage / Dip. Nutrition / Accredited Rehab Trainer

BANDFIT is a dream come true for Dan. With almost 20 years' experience in the fitness, therapy and rehab industry, he has tried and tested all things fitness, but The Bands have been his greatest discovery. You may recognise him in the park or gym as the guy who has always got bands wrapped around himself, or a tree! Having developed band training for over 5 years with sport teams, fitness clients, and rehabilitation patients, Dan cannot wait to launch our dynamic new BANDFIT programmes on his victims (sorry clients!) His mind is always whirring with more inventive, fun and interesting ways to keep fit and he constantly keeps up-to-date with all current trends and movements within the fitness, rehab and therapy industry. As a registered Osteopath, Dan promotes the fundamentals of good posture, mobility, corrective movements and a strong core foundation, all of which can be achieved using The Bands. He can’t wait to inspire you all with total body workouts.

Lisa White – Marketing & Business Development Director

With a first degree in French and Spanish from Oxford University and training at Mountview drama school, Lisa has an eclectic list of past jobs from many meanderings in the corporate and theatrical world. She has over fifteen years of expertise in marketing, theatre, HR and operations, a fantastic mix of business and creative skills as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. Lisa launched marketing agency, Fluent Ginger, in 2006 and theatre company, Peppermint Muse, in 2008. For the past two years her training (and body!) have been transformed by Dan and The Bands.  Multi-tasking business ideas whilst turning the kitchen into a band circuit session is a regular occurrence.

Joel Llande – Training Director

BA Hons / Dip. Sports Therapy / Dip. Personal Training / PICP Strength training coach

Joel is a career trainer, with over 20 years’ experience in the industry which has given him a vast array of fitness and nutrition knowledge. From being a Pilates instructor and Sports therapist, through to a qualified Poliquin trained strength coach and even an Olympic weight lifting instructor, Joel is completely dedicated to the well-being of his clients. Discovering a love for The Bands through his rehab work, Joel realised what an incredibly effective and varied workout they provide. Witnessing the outstanding results that clients achieve with BANDFIT training routines never gets dull and Joel is looking forward to converting you all to the ultimate multi-functional sports training tool