BANDFIT for trainers

Use BANDFIT resistance bands to create strength training programmes that:

  • Can help you get stronger in your core lifts
  • Can help you develop lean muscle mass and promote fat loss – thanks to the high metabolic demands
  • Help improve your balance, proprioception, flexibility, mobility, and coordination 

Learn how to create BANDFIT workouts personalised for your clients’ specific needs, such as increased flexibility, rehabilitation, hypertrophy, speed, dynamic explosive power, sport specific, high/low intensity cardio, total body strength or agility.

BANDFIT resistance bands will become the most productive training tool for your private clients, group personal training sessions or boot camps. At home, in the gym, in the park, BANDFIT resistance bands are highly adaptable and minimal space is required for you to deliver fat-busting, strength-boosting training sessions.

BANDFIT resistance bands are:

  • Multi-directional: increasing muscular demands due to increased time under tension and exceptionally versatile
  • Can be used for resistance and assistance: strength building, cardio-fitness, flexibility, joint mobility + injury support with the same tool = total body busting workout
  • Fun & Deliver Fast Results – keep clients motivated with a fresh approach to fitness
  • Portable and Storable for Anyone, Anywhere and Anytime

Join the future of fitness and Boost your training clients with BANDFIT today by booking onto one of our workshops and become a qualified BANDFIT Elite Trainer.

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