BANDFIT for health clubs

  • Recession busting customer retention with BANDFIT classes
  • Increase class revenue, encourage new membership and loyalty
  • Appeal to male and female customers, of all ages – dynamic and fun!
  • Accommodate all levels of fitness
  • Circuit-based metabolic cardio and strength training using resistance bands
  • Affordable and easy to store
  • Maximise studio time – x2 circuit classes in per hour!
  • Specialised partner training circuits

Coming soon – the 24 minute circuit class

Get a fat-busting metabolism with BANDFIT circuits

BANDFIT resistance bands can be used to create challenging cardio-strength circuits for the ultimate calorie burning workout. With quick and easy transitions between exercises you minimise downtime and maximise work effort.
Thanks to the high metabolic output of a BANDFIT circuit, we’ve been able to create the most demanding cardio, neuromuscular, calorie-burning workout. Incorporating explosive and dynamic total body movements the BANDFIT circuit is the future of studio classes.

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