BANDFIT for fitness enthusiasts everywhere

For better muscle tone, increased strength and to burn fat you need strength and metabolic training – BANDFIT resistance band training makes this easy! Continuous progressive total body exercises increase muscle tone, challenge your cardio vascular system, and elevate your metabolic rate for many hours post exercise. Our bands will progress as you progress - increased resistance is easily achieved by increasing the starting tension on the band. No need to change for a heavier weight when one piece of equipment can get progressively more difficult as you train. It’s that simple.

Your portable training tool: Anytime, Anywhere, Anybody

BANDFIT resistance bands are light, compact and easy to carry around. You can train at home, on a business trip, during your morning run or in a studio. Anywhere and anytime, indoors or outdoors, all year round. Whatever your age and whatever your fitness level. 

It’s so easy to train using BANDFIT bands that excuses are futile and results more likely!


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