Care, disclaimer & warranty

BANDFIT resistance bands are made from high quality latex rubber.  They have a multi-layered latex construction which helps prevent the likelihood of breakages that can be experienced with cheaper single layer single bonding point Resistance Bands. Multi-layering will present shearing when nicked rather than complete failure which also adds a safety element to using resistance bands. All BANDFIT resistance bands are BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS EN ISO 13485:2003 quality assured and come with a 1 year “sensible use” warranty.

BANDFIT Resistance Bands are not just for powerlifting and weightlifting. They can be used for:

  • Jumping 
  • Plyometrics
  • Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Flexibility exercises
  • General conditioning
  • Prehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Glute Activation Work

All BANDFIT resistance bands are made from pure rubber latex, this increases durability, strength and memory providing a more cost efficient product that will last longer than many others on the market. Latex is an organic material, which will degrade over time. Sharp edges will cut into the material and once weakened they will break easily. Overstretching all, or part of the band by applying too much load will weak en the material and once that happens they will break more easily.

To help avoid injury and prolong the life of your bands:


  • Check the bands for any signs of excessive wear or damage.
  • Attach the bands appropriately for their intended use, ensuring they are safely secured away from edges.
  • Store the bands out of direct sunlight, away from chemicals or sharp objects and not under tension. 


  • Use a band that has frayed edges or small tears. 
  • Wrap the bands around any body part, as this may lead to a serious injury.
  • Attach the bands where they may become damaged or are exposed to excessive wear.
  • Overload the bands beyond their recommended capacity (see chart).


Below are the 41” (lay flat length) continuous loop bands. The bands are all 5mm in thickness

Name Colour Width Resistance




5 – 30lbs




10 – 40lbs




25 – 60lbs



1 1/8"

50 – 90lbs



1 3/4"

70 – 130lbs

Velocity Bands

Lay flat length 74” x 5mm thickness

Name Colour Width Resistance

Level 1


1 ½"

35 – 100lbs

Level 2



75 – 150lbs

Anchor Band - Lay flat length 13”, 3mm thick
Colour: Black, Width: 1”

BANDFIT Resistance Bands

Disclaimer / Warranty Information

These are made from natural latex rubber and will degrade over time. They have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. The Warranty covers any manufacturing defect, as long as the guidelines below are adhered to. 

  • Never over-stress your bands; The bands should NOT be stretched more than twice their resting length.
  • If your bands are directly exposed to oil or oil-based products your warranty will be invalid. Examples include baby oil, suntan lotion, etc.  Like any latex product, oil will substantially harm the material.
  • Keep them out of direct sunlight exposure or extended periods of time.
  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat, such as enclosed car or garage above 110 degrees or below freezing.  Always store your bands in a moderate temperature environment.
  • If you cut or nick your bands your warranty will be invalid. Avoid sharp or rusty objects when either storing our using your bands. Never use a partially cut band. 
  • Only use the BANDFIT Resistance bands for the uses specified in this document.

General Do’s and Don’ts

Please ensure the following steps are taken to ensure safe use.

  • BEFORE USE - Always inspect your bands carefully for any tears, wear or damage.
  • Never use a worn out or damaged band.
  • If you connect them together for some reason, loop them. Do not knot them together.
  • Un-loop the Bands after each use to minimize wear at the connection points.
  • Don't use them for activities for which they are not intended.
  • Keep them away from children. They are not a toy, and can cause serious injury. 
  • When using door anchors please note that not all doors are strong enough for the stress you are applying to them.  If you use a door as an anchor point BANDFIT assumes no responsibility.
  • Keep your bands clean.  Periodically wash them with a little water and some mild dishwashing soap.
  • Never release the band when it is stretched as it will ping back and could cause injury.
  • In partner training, if an individual loses balance, then the other partner should immediately move towards them to instantly reduce the tension on the band to avoid injury.
  • Use common sense.

Recommended Uses

BANDFIT Resistance Bands are only recommended for the following uses.

  • Speed and agility training 
  • Power / Weight Lifting
  • Assisted body weight exercises
  • Jumping
  • Plyometrics 
  • Aerobics
  • Stretching
  • Flexibility exercises
  • General conditioning 
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Rehabilitation

In purchasing BANDFIT Resistance Bands, you agree to use them responsibly, and at your own risk. 

BANDFIT Ltd assumes no responsibility for injuries caused by normal wear, tear, breakage or misuse.