BANDFIT resistance band training – The Lowdown


n. A dynamic fitness tool that will transform your training forever; a follower of the BANDFIT revolution

v. To make or become physically fit for life with metabolic boosting workouts; to discover endless training possibilities with anytime, anywhere, anybody freedom

adj. athletic, muscular, strong, lean, flexible, trim; at peak function, form and fitness

When we say ANY BODY we mean it

It’s true; anyone of any age and any fitness level can train using BANDFIT resistance bands – ANYWHERE! From beginner strength training in the privacy of your home to elite coaches training the next medal-winning athlete.

Increase musculature, joint and ligament strength

Thanks to the progressive resistance from any angle or plane of movement, your body will be challenged in a completely different way, utilising functional natural movements. Activate stabilisation muscles, reduce common daily ailments from muscle imbalances and transform everyday exercises into complete total body movements. It really is the most adaptable and versatile fitness product on the market.

Multi-directional: create leaner, longer and functionally stronger muscles

Dumbbells, free weights, kettlebells and medicine balls are all dependent on gravity. Downward compressive force over time can lead to joint compression, possible restriction, and injury. BANDFIT Resistance bands can effectively provide resistance along a horizontal, vertical, rotational and diagonal force vector as well as all combinations of these. Since muscles work in all planes, if we want optimal performance and movement efficiency, we are better to train all of these vectors to strengthen muscles, ligaments, tendons.  What you get in return are stronger joints and greater muscle stabilisation, which in the long term reduces risks of injuries.

Mobility & Flexibility – not just strength

Have you ever stretched with a free weight?
BANDFIT resistance bands are a great dynamic stretching tool that can eliminate tight muscles and restricted joints, including commonly affected areas such as hips and shoulders. Stretching with resistance bands keeps our joints healthy and moving without pain.

The ultimate total body workout: strength, core & aerobic training

BANDFIT resistance band training circuits make every movement a total body exercise; speeding up your metabolism and helping you burn fat. Making your stabilising and dynamic moving muscles work simultaneously BANDIFT resistance bands ensure that you perform total body movements and burn up to 30% more calories than any machine based circuit!

Say yes to versatility and fitness freedom

Using BANDFIT resistance bands in your training means you can continuously change the direction of movement making muscles constantly react and adapt. Leading to increased joint mobility and strength training in all planes of movement which equals better results for you!

Become BANDFIT and in control of your strength without injury

BANDFIT resistance bands behave like any elastic band. They “ping” back quickly! This speeding up of deceleration on every exercise means you have to become stronger at controlling deceleration with every rep. And since 95% of all injuries are a result of deceleration, your body will strengthen and adapt to reduce the risk of injury.

A giant elastic band will transform your training forever – crazy but true!

Resistance bands are not gravity dependent like dumbbells, free weights, kettlebells, or medicine balls. Elastic resistance increases as it is stretched – each exercise becomes harder as you progress through the movement. When training with BANDFIT resistance bands you need greater strength as you progress from the lower – to the mid – and onto the end range of movement. Resistance is progressive and there are no dead-zones in the exercise (which is what can commonly happen with some traditional weight training exercises).

I’m in my 60s and high-impact training is too tough on my joints

Traditional weighted exercises can sometimes be overly compressive to joints, leading to restrictions and potential injuries. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, at any age, is easy with BANDFIT. Mobility and stretching are an essential component of any training programme. BANDFIT resistance bands can be used to support dynamic stretching, maintaining and enhancing ankle, hip and shoulder mobility. The bands can assist or resist any movement; in other words, they can help you to complete a movement or particular range of motion or they can offer resistance to increase the difficulty of an exercise or movement. You get to perform exercises correctly and safely and achieve fitness goals, no excuses!

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